I figure the best way to handle my gathering of squirrels is to first take notes on how each squirrel looks, then give that squirrel a treated nut (it will usually eat it somewhere in front of me) then give it a big walnut in the shell and it will run away to bury or eat it, so then I can focus on the next squirrel. Appreciate the response. Bill. Squirrels need direct sunlight to synthesize Vitamin D. A lack of Vitamin D can cause thinning hair. What you describe sounds like ringworm. Hi Crystal! (They are very communal.) His brother Gilbert has to watch after him and his morbidly obese mother until she dies. If possible, please send a picture of the squirrel to SquirrelNutrition@Yahoo,com. I know that before our girl, Lucky had her hysterectomy, I had to be very careful taking her outside for her walks during breeding season. It’s hard to get pictures. Of the seven methods he determined to be the best, he concluded that storing a slice of onion in the bag with the avocado after it has been cut, worked the best. Mention that you contacted me on the Blog. But sometimes, when I have her out in public, she'll go berserk and start running all over me and doing what I call "dray chucking." Thank you very much for your response. Do you think I should trap him, temporarily until he takes the medication and do it again a week later and one more time another week later, or will this panic him too much? Don`t know if this would help but I noticed the vit. I do hope I hear from you soon, I am looking for any and all advice I can get. There has been no improvement. If you send it to SquirrelNutrition@yahoo.com I'll be happy to evaluate it! They like to sleep together and the warm bag that smells like the other squirrel may work while they are separated. Its so nice to see that so many other share our passion. If you could send a picture of what you are seeing on your squirrel to SquirrelNutrition@Yahoo.com I would be happy to evaluate and comment. Can anything be done? They are loaded with tannin and that is like "speed' for squirrels. Ivory comes down at the usual times, but endures the chasing. Bill. She ate right out of my hand and was VERY hungry. I've become very fond of him and just want to make sure he's made a full recovery. The only acceptable terms I'm allowed to use are things like "Immune Challenges," which will probably be outlawed over time also! We are unsure of how much we should be feeding it... Kind of just winging everything to do with him. Bill. They keep repeating this weekly process until all the squirrels have been given a couple doses and are improving, and hair is actually growing back in the bald areas. They don't seem to have any type of skin rash consisting of flakes, sores, or redness.....just heavy amounts of hair loss. I think your dog will be OK. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words . Obviously, the seeds attract the squirrels, as well. Should I buy coconut shavings (fresh ones if i can find them this time of year) or is this a lost cause which she will get over, toward spring's end when it's warmer weather kicks in? I took pictures today and can send them to you anytime. I would also start feeding him chunks of coconut out of the shell. Dr. Elliott, BVMS, MRCVS is a veterinarian with over 30 years of experience in veterinary surgery and companion animal practice. A single dose won't hurt the animal, and even if it is not mange, you will temporarily get rid of it's fleas, lice and intestinal parasites. We tried him on fresh deer antler and he isn't interested. Brussels Sprouts ", "Very informative and supportive to a person who does not know anything about baby squirrels! Please send it quickly !!! If one squirrel ends up eating two treated nuts, what will happen? I sent her an herb that boosts the Immune System, but it was too late for the squirrel with the tail problem, but when one of her other Palm Squirrels developed the same condition, ( which started with a spot,) the herb completely cured it. I wanted to give you a sneak peek of what will be available soon for stubborn conditions:http://www.squirrelnutrition.com/squirrels-with-severe-health-issues.html The only way mange can be passed is skin to skin. We got him some fresh coconut yesterday and gave him a couple small chunks of it. Could it be Notoedric mange? Look for leaf nests, look for dens in the fallen trees. Thanks, Bill, especially for the encouraging words about returning him to the big outdoors. Hi William AT the end of the day we decided to take her in, got her a milk supplement and a bottle to feed her with. Hi, Hi Linda! I have pictures if you are interested. I would send you a picture if I could/would learn how to do that! Hi Linda! I’m also glad to learn through his response to your question how we can get into rehabbing. My captive squirrel looks rather funny, because being inside the house, her winter coat resembles a turtle shell on her back and doesn't grow dense all over. yellow with big blue eyes. We also feed her a couple chunks of avocado everyday, and the oils in the avocado keep her hair as soft as a mink. Thanks Bev, Can dogs get diseases from squirrels? They grow hair really quickly. If their eyes are open, you can let them take the syringe in their mouth and gently give them a few drops. Now, she is here every morning and acts kinda neurotic, we figured it was because of her teeth issues. Thanks so much, Hi Deborah! He had pink lumps that have developed into dark hardened legions that he is now biting and chewing off leaving flesh below that he is licking. Then, repeat the process once a week for a couple weeks. They would treat the symptom with a bunch of toxic chemicals that would destroy the squirrels immune system and weaken him to the point that any minor infection would kill him. Just curious. Hi Suzie! If you do not have a Vet that will see the squirrel, write me back at SquirrelNutrition@Yahoo.com, and I will try to give you some help on home treatments. Appreciate your great site!!! Squirrels need a steady supply of calcium, because their Incisors teeth grow continuously at a rate of 1/8 to 3/8 inches per month. Today suddenly we are seeing many other squirrels with very similar symptoms but on different parts of their bodies. We feed them black sunflower seeds and a commercial "squirrel food" in the form of a log of pressed corn. Thanks so much in advance!! Thank you! I use pecan half's because it give a nice broad surface and the grooves hold the oil well. It's the humane thing to do since it has instincts that I would not deny it. A couple of years ago, I discovered that hair quality in squirrels, is directly related to diet. On one a front arm and into the side of body. This way, if a squirrel is being chased by a larger predator, he can return home safely without fear that the larger predator will follow him and trap him. Anyway, our squirrels thank you. He is kept in a clean big cage that was very clean and no animal had been in for years. Squirrel had mange for weeks before Ivermectin paste was administered once a week for four weeks according to directions, Also, Colloidal Silver, and instead of coconut oil I gave her fresh raw coconut which she still loves to eat. If you believe in conventional medicine, about all you will get is a bunch of hype about treating it like a cancer. He still comes in my backyard to eat everyday I just returned from a trip and noticed the hair loss or else I would’ve treated it way sooner, Hi, Molly! The crusty was dried white blood cells covering a patch of missing fur. Once their immune system fights it off, the hair will regrow. He is so loving and affectionate. February 2017 Send them to SquirrelNutrition@Yahoo.com and remind me of this conversation. They are both terrified of the two dominant females, and will do anything to avoid them. She was out in the rainy weather for at least an entire day until we found her. Repeated trips outdoors will eventually get his curiosity aroused, so that you can leave him out in his cage for longer times. Please help me. 2 of them are almost completely bald on their backs & just this morning noticed 2 more. I don't know whether to have him neutered and keep him or try to send him back to the wild when he gets older and the weather is warmer. Hi I really need help with some kind of information I’ve been trying to call every place wildlife place veterinarians every place I can possibly call there’s a wild squirrel and he’s completely lost all his hair on his body and his tail and he’s got like stores like words like he scratching it and it’s hurting him it really looks like mange to me and I want to treat him and I need help if I could get some pictures of him and send to you do you think you could recommend me the right kind of medications for him please help my phone number is 321-362-3836 and you have my email as well please contact me back I really want to help the squirrel it’s a very sweet squirrel and I really want to help the hi I really need help with some kind of information I’ve been trying to call every place wildlife place veterinarians every place I can possibly call there’s a wild squirrel and he’s completely lost all his hair on his body and his tail and he’s got like sores like words like he’s scratching it and it’s hurting him it really looks like mange to me and I want to treat him and I need help if I could get some pictures of him and send to you do you think you could recommend me the right kind of medications for him please help my phone number is 321-362-3836 and you have my email as well please contact me back I really want to help the squirrel it’s a very sweet squirrel and I really want to help it!!! So I just wanted to give my thanks to Bill and you all and Blessings for a Joy-Filled 2016. My squirrel 7-8 months also have small lice or ticks in its tail end the hair has been lost. I appreciate your site. I now know how to take care of it! Hello Harriet, Bill. Please consider making a contribution to wikiHow today. The two rescued brothers continue to spend a lot of time together and we think they nest together too (we put up a squirrel house for them on a tree, but they moved to their own nest eventually). My guess is that you would need to find out who the squirrel hater is in your neighborhood and find out what kind of neurotoxic poison he or she is using to decrease the squirrel population in your neighborhood. That's why our skin gets dry and itchy in the winter, but we can slather on moisturizers after we bathe with moisturizing soaps and shampoos! When my resident blind squirrel, who is indoors and caged part of the time, got it, I believe that I transmitted it via my clothing. Have you seen it before? I'm not saying that is what is wrong with your squirrel, but if everything else has failed, I would give it a try. I have a baby squirrel that fell out of nest and he cant use his back legs now. She gave birth to 4 babies this passed April and has been looking great until I saw her today. There is a squirrel my parents have been feeding for some Thank you in advance! If you can’t get Pedialyte, make a sugar-salt-water mixture instead. Bill, We live in a wooded area so lots of wild creatures. After hours I couldn't find anything. Under the guidance of a vet we have saved him. I don't want to treat her wrong. If necessary you can use soft fabrics from your home. He has started eating avocado and coconut since you suggested it, and like I said it's been almost a year since he had this bald patch. Mozilla says they have to go way past deplatforming. Mange, or itch mites are just like scabies, and are transmitted by close body contact. It keeps them calm. I just order the coconut oil and I will begin to give him some as soon as I receive it. Put a heating pad or electric blanket on a low-medium setting underneath the box, since baby squirrels need warmth but can’t generate their own heat. If there is more than one baby and one is already dead, the mom will not take the live one(s) back. We have a rescued male squirrel that we got @ 3wks. Dear Squirrel, Anty, Poly Bear, Sky, and Miss. I can probably tell you what it is. Bill. Thank you for your blog. Normally, a squirrels incisors grow for the first 7 to 8 years before slowing and stopping. The problem with this type of vision, is that they are unable to see things right in front of their nose. When you are beginning to offer your newfound friend dry nuts, make sure they are raw. (A tip on raw coconut: When you break open and take out the fresh coconut meat, cut it into squirrel sized chunks and place it in a freezer bag in the freezer. If it is irritated and scabby, you are probably dealing with mange and a dose of Ivermectin is in order. If it doesn't regrow then you can start thinking in terms of a possible genetic problem. Thank you very much William for your valuable response. By signing up you are agreeing to receive emails according to our privacy policy. Thank you so much for your help. Will it affect the baby if I push the syringe too hard? I saw another squirrel mother a day after I last saw the one I have asked about but sadly, she became road kill 2 days later and she too had babies, 2 of which i have seen running aorund my property that are very scared of everything but they seem to be eating just fine. I have been seeing ray squirrels in my yard with distressing skin issues. Thanks Bill! About a month ago i went to her cage to take her out and she looked dead!i took her out and notices that she is breathing,i put her on a warm blanket and started feeding her with a bottle and within 2hrs she was herself again.i changed her diet thinking she did not receive enough nutrition,but a few week later this happened again!Today this happened for a 3rd time now and she also bit her tail off,she bit it in half!Please please can anyone help with advice?Information about them as pets are not really available here. Well it has been two weeks since I started Fred( my fixed male ) on soybeans and brewers yeast. If she catches sight of either of the dominants, she will pick up as much food as she can and race up her tree. Drain the milk and drink it, it's really good for you! Help! Please let me know if this might be mange or fungus because he has been a pleasure to help and I don't want to treat them incorrectly.
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